Aggrieved residents troop to Sunon Asogli Power Ltd to beg for water over prolonged water shortage


Due to prolonged water shortage, the residents of Kpone have trooped to Sunon Asogli Power Ltd. to form a very long queue for water. According to the people of Kpone and its neighboring communities, its been more than a week now since water stopped flowing.

Many have bitterly registered their displeasure with the ongoing exercise from the Ghana Water Company because it's slowing down the nature of their business. Most people living in Kpone and it's environs are food vendors, car washers, hairdressers, vulcanizers, mechanics, etc.

The aggrieved residents who are embittered are calling on the President to intervene because the water shortage has slowed productivity amidst the COVID 19 pandemic.

From the look of things, the water shortage has become a national problem because everybody seems to complain about it.

Ghanaians are hoping tap starts flowing anytime soon because people are finding it extremely difficult to even get water to bath, talk less of cooking and washing.

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