Castro will come next year and continue is work as a musician- 2Much of Junk Town reveals.


One of the famous Ghanaian on-screen characters who is well known referred to in the film business as 2Much has at last revealed some stunning disclosures around one of Ghana's most loved and mainstream performer additionally referred to in the music business as Castro the destroyer. In a meeting with Kingdom F.M, the entertainer said that Castro who has been announced dead by Ghanaians isn't dead. In 2014 there was news that he has been suffocated with a woman called Janet Bandu. 

Yet, responding to the issue on Kingdom F.M, the entertainer said that it is never obvious that Castro is dead and it was an arranged thing that was finished by Castro. He uncovered that he and his companions were arranging something of that sort and Castro heard it then he (Castro) got intrigued to organize that so he will be affirm as a dead individual whiles he is alive. He said that it was an arranged thing by Castro and he was there as at the time everything was been built. 

2Much at that point said that it has left about somewhere in the range of scarcely any months to seven (7) years since the time Castro was supposedly affirmed dead by Ghanaians following the occurrence that occurred at Ada. In any case, he said that it will stun Ghanaians that Castro will come one year from now as it marks seven (7) years since the time he got missing and so far as that is concerned he was purportedly affirm dead. He at that point included that everybody ought to expect him back as he (Castro) is returning to proceed with his work as artist. 

He then counsel Ghanaians to be exceptionally patient and quit announcing Castro as a dead individual on the grounds that for him he accepts that Castro is as yet alive and he will appear one year from now as it was arranged by them. 

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