"Baba Tosha na Tuko Ndani" What Narok County Residents Did to Reaffirm Support to Raila (Photos)

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Narok County Residents parading to welcome ODM leader Raila Odinga in their area (Photo Courtesy)

As the August 9th general election is approaching, several political leaders are doing their best to ensure that they get more support from Kenyans in order to fulfil their ambitions.

The Orange Democratic Movement Party leader Raila Odinga has been moving across the country with his Azimio la Umoja entourage trying to convince Kenyans to vote for him, as well as register as voters.

Today, Raila Odinga and his team have made a grand entry to Narok County where they will have a huge meeting at Maasaantare trading center ground.

The residents of Narok affirmed their support to Raila Odinga by turning up in large numbers with placards inscripted in support messages and how they are determined to rally behind him.

Take a look at some photos of residents of Narok Town reaffirming their support to Orange Democratic Movement Party leader Raila Odinga:

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