Wesley Girls Muslim Students Offered Scholarship To Study in UK, US - Islamic Society of New York


Wesley Girls Muslim Students Offered Scholarship To Study in UK, US - Islamic Society of New York 

The Islamic Society of Central New York is a non-profit religious and cultural organization whose purpose is to serve the needs of Central New York Muslims through religious programs and education. It also works to promote understanding and cooperation between Muslims and non-Muslims by eliminating misunderstandings about the principles and ideals of the Islamic way of life.

According to the society, the have cited a news item on social media which indicates that Muslims students in Wesley Girls SHS has been denied of fasting in the month of Ramadan. 

Islamic Society of New York has shown dissatisfaction upon hearing this from country that has been hailed for peace in the world. They have pledged to offer all the Muslim Girls fully funded scholarships to study in the High schools in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The group has secured funds for the Muslim Girls to offer them scholarships to study in the United States. 

When the students were denied from fasting, Parents of the Muslim students went to the school to resolve the issue amicably but the authorities of the gave them deaf hears, the Methodist has associated itself to the ban of fasting in the school as school rule, the Methodist church associating itself to this rules clearly shows that the Methodist church is showing hate of the Islamic religion. Many calls have called on the Methodist church to as a matter of urgency resolve this issue with the Muslim community to avoid bleeding religious conflicts. The Methodist church insisted that’s their school and their rules and it can’t be changed, if the Muslim students can’t obey their rules, the should look for a different school, Wesley Girls SHS is a School of choice.

Ghana Education Service which control the Schools in Ghana directed Wesley Girls Senior High School to allow the Muslim Girls to fast base on their parents consent, the church further release a statement that GES should reconsider it’s directives, GES cannot change their rules.

A country which has a Muslim as Vice President treating Muslims in this way, the president of the country is yet to comment on this development.

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