VIDEO: Connie Ferguson's Fitness Left Many Celebs In Awe After Showing Her Body During Workout.

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22 January 2022

Despite making millis, they are known for also being the gurus of working out. When the veteran, Shona Ferguson passed away, there were expectations that Connie would stop working out. Well, it turns out she never forgot what her and her late husband were known for.

Taking to social media, Connie recorded a video of herself exercising and shared on social media leading many celebrities inspired.

A few days before Connie posted the video she shared a few snippets of her and her team after theu had doughnuts.

Connie and her workers had doughnuts as we all know doughnuts are sweet and have many colleges for a person working out. This is not highly recommended for a body builder as they often lead to a person gaining immense weight.

In avoiding this Connie went to her gym as usual and shared on her instagram.

"No doughnut formed against me shall prosper" she captioned the video.

Take a look at the celebrities she inspired.

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