Governor Kingi Asks Coast People to Do This Ahead of 2022


Deputy president William Ruto on Tuesday took his Hustler Nation gospel to the Coast region as 2022 succession of politics escalates, as he tries to extend his roots to the grassroots, for him to garner enough support ahead of the next general elections.

However, while speaking in front of deputy president William Ruto in Kwale, Governor Amason Kingi fearlessly passed a message to the Coast region people, asking them to be careful this time before supporting anyone who seek their support.

Mr Kingi who has recently been championing for a Coast Region Party drummed support for his idea, alleging that as the people from Region, they should first form their party, where they will then form an alliance with whoever they will reach an agreement with ahead of 2022, asserting that they have been supporting people blindly.

"We must be careful this time, as the Coast People, we have been supporting people blindly and that's why this time we should construct our own bore hole first, put big thanks before know who we will give our water," Kingi said while illustrating his message.


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