Meet The Teacher Of Apowa Secondary School Who Became President Of An African Country

Robert Mugabe

Robert Gabriel Mugabe is an African revolutionary and politician. He was born on February 21, 1924 in kituma, in the south of Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. He is from the Shona tribe of Zimbabwe. Raised in a Catholic mission where his father worked as a carpenter and his mother a Catholic, he was an intellectually brilliant and calm child. 

Robert Mugabe lived with his father, mother, three brothers and two sisters at the Catholic mission until 1930, when he and his family were expelled after his father had a confrontation with the Catholic father, who was in charge of the mission. 

Robert, lost his two older brothers successively after their expulsion. His father left his mother to start looking for work in South Africa, then made no sign of life leaving Robert Mugabe's mother ,in charge of their now 4 children. 

Later, after the return of his father with three other children who had with another woman, mugabe left his country to go to Zambia, where he taught in several schools, while continuing his studies. In 1958 he came to Ghana, where he attended Achimota college.

After graduating ,he began teaching at "st mary's teacher training college" in takoradi. Then "Apowa secondary school". He married Sally Hayfron one of his fellow teachers from Achimota college . Mugabe was inspired by osagyefo dr. Kwame Nkrumah and becomes a marxicist.

Robert Mugabe and his first wife Sally Hayfron on their wedding day.

He attended the "Kwame N'krumah ideological institute in winniba. He went to his country in 1960 with his wife, where he became politically active. He martied his wife Sally Hayfron in 1961. He later became prime minister of his country, then president.

Robert Mugabe and his second wife Grace Mufuru on their wedding day.

His wife Sally Hayfron died in 1992. Later in 1996 , he married Grace Marufu . Robert Mugabe is the father of four children. he was removed from power by some members of his party in 2017. He was replaced by Emerson Mnangagwa, one of his longtime friends, whom he himself had introduced into politics , and his party the ZANU-PF. Robert Mugabe died on September 6 2019 in Singapore.

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