Revealed: Why Candidates With highest Score miss first choice School and Lowest Score Placed

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Common mistakes students make in the selection of schools have been identified and a guidline for selection has been released by Ghana Education Service to assist candidates in their school selection. majority of students miss their first choice school, others missed all the five schools selected due to the minor mistakes they commit in the selection of school for placement. Student will stand the chance of getting his first or second choice school if these factors are taken into consideration.

Ghana Education Service has placed the Senior High Schools and Technical/Vocational Schools into four categories, that is A,B,C and D. Candidates are to select five schools from the four categories, the choice of school must have accommodation preference that is Day and Boarding.

All candidates are to select one compulsory day school as sixth choice from category D schools, Ghana Education Service has introduced special boarding school from category D schools which can be selected as sixth choice. Candidates are to select one day school within their catchment area, day school within catchment area is compulsory for all candidates. Candidate can select only one school from category A, two schools from Category B, candidates can select all the five schools from category C as first to fith choice in preferential order and select one from D as the sith school. Candidates who wish to offer Technical and Vocational courses can select all their six schools from category A, B and C.

Candidates are to compete for a slot in the schools they have selected, the raw scores of candidates will be ranked from the highest to the lowest score, the system will consider the number of available vacancies in the school for each program and the residential status.

The schools have already submitted the vacancies available for both programs and residential status. For example if five hundred students are competing for enrollment into Presbyterian Boys Senior High School (PRESEC) to offer General Science, assuming PRESEC has two hundred vacancies for General Science, one hundred and thirty for boarding and seventy for day. Students will be placed in order of merit, the best students with the highest score will be selected.

A candidate with lowest score may get PRESEC based on the program of choice and the residential status, PRESEC may have more vacancies for a program as day residential status. Some programs are not in high demand, a candidate with aggregate sixteen is likely to get placement in PRESEC to offer Visual Arts while a candidate with aggregate eight may not get placement in PRESEC to offer General Science.

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