Does President Buhari Really Hate The Igbos? Here Is The Contract He Gave To An Igbo Man Worth $2.8b

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President Mohammed Buhari has yet again proven to the world that he is for all Nigerians.

In time past, many people especially South easterners do believe that president Mohammed Buhari hates the Igbos but recently, he awarded a contract worth one trillion plus to o an Igbo man named Emeka Okwuosa.

Engineer Emeka Okwuosa is from Anambra State and currently the chief executive officer of Oilserv Limited.

The project is focused on implanting gas pipeline in the northern part of Nigeria to enable the region generate constant electricity and boost industrialization.

Congratulations to my Igbo brothers for receiving this life changing contract.

There are many more qualified individuals in the other regions of the country but for the love president Mohammed Buhari has for the Igbos, he gave them the contract.

Let's celebrate our president Mohammed Buhari for unifying the country through his appointments and contracts.

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