3 Football Players Who Were Killed By Fans

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When people are passionate about a sport, they can become irrational. As a result, people become irrational and aggressive, which is completely unacceptable. Football is a game, no matter how big the stakes are. Fans have killed a number of footballers over the years.

1. Andres Escobar.

Andrés Escobar was the head coach of Colombia's national team. To have any chance of advancing from their group, Colombia needed a victory over tournament hosts the United States of America in their final group game in 1994.

Their hopes were dashed, however, when a defender scored an own goal in the 34th minute. In the end, all he was able to do was throw the ball into his own net. After a 2-1 defeat, Colombia was eliminated.

Because of this, Escobar's life was cut short. On July 2, 1994, he was shot six times outside a nightclub in Colombia and died in the hospital 45 minutes later. His death is being linked to a Colombian crime syndicate after they placed large bets on the football team and lost.

2. Luciano Re Cecconi

Serie A promotion helped Luciano Re Cecconi establish himself as one of Italy's best box-to-box midfielders.

He was nicknamed 'The Blond Angel' because of his blond hair, and he went on to help Lazio win the Serie A title just two years later. The sky was the limit for Re Cecconi when he was called up to the Italy World Cup team in 1974. In spite of this, he died in a tragic manner.

The two of them decided to pull a fast one on the owner of a jewelry store by pretending to rob him. Re Cecconi's life took a turn for the worse when the owner of the business, who had recently had his shop robbed, pulled out a shotgun and fired at him. After about 30 minutes, he passed away.

3. Tommy Ball

On November 10, 1923, Aston Villa played host to Notts County in the first division. It was another commanding performance from Aston Villa's 23-year-old central defender as they triumphed 1-0 and climbed to third place in the table.

Later, he was shot to death by his landlord and next-door neighbor after a minor argument. Assaulting officer George Stagg was convicted of murder and sentenced to death, but his punishment was reduced to life in prison.

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