Competence Based Curriculum Structure and Subjects

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A summarized explanation of the Curriculum based Education and its benefit to the learners its aim and how it will make a difference on them. This includes the structure and the subjects in all levels and what to expect of the learners. As it focuses on the learners abilities as depicted on the structure and the subjects.

With it structure being refurbished to Early years, Middle and Senior school education which adopted the 2-6-6-3 replacing the 8-4-4 system.

They Early years education including the pre-primary and lower primary education. The pre-primary education which takes up to two years of pp1 and pp2 before graduating to the next stage. The lower primary including the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grades followed by graduation ushering the learners to the middle school education.

The middle school which has been divided into upper primary and lower secondary school as middle years of learning in which 4th,5th and the 6th grade on the upper primary and 7th, 8th and 9th on the lower secondary marking the middle education years.

On the senior education aged 15-17 years old.The class takes up to 3 years for grade 10, Grade 11 and grade 12. At senior school, the learner already specializes in studies in line with their areas of interest or talent.

 The learners then graduate into higher Education such as university education, further their Education and welcome them into work. The higher Education can last depend on the course selected. The least number of years can be at least 3.

CBC Curriculum Subjects

Showing the level of education and curriculum subjects for various education levels

Pre- Primary (4-5 years)

PP1 and PP21 subjects

1.Mathematical activities

2.Language activities

3.Environmental activities

4.Language activities

5.Hygiene and nutrition activities. 

Lower Primary (6-8 years)

Curriculum Grade 1 ,2 and 3 subjects

1.Mathematical Activities

2.Religious Education Activities

3.Indigenous Language Activities

4.Movement and Creative Activities

5.English Language Activities


7.Kiswahili Language Activities/Kenya Sign Language for learners who are deaf

8.Hygiene and Nutrition Activities

9.Environmental Activities

10. Additional subjects- featuring between subjects ICT Life skills, pertinent and contemporary issues 

Upper Primary (9-11 years)

 Middle school Grade 4 ,5 and 6 subjects


2.Home Science

3.Science and Technology

4.Religious Education (CRE/IRE/HRE)

5.Physical and Health Education

6.Kiswahili or Kenya Sign Language (for learners who are deaf 



9.Creative Arts

10.Social Studies 

11.Optional: Foreign Languages (Arabic, French, German, Mandarin)

12.Additional subjects- featuring between subjects

-Pastoral program-once a week

-Life skills,


-Contemporary issues


Lower Secondary (12-14 years)

Grade 7 , 8 , 9 subjects


2.Health Education


4.Social Studies

5.Kiswahili or Kenyan Sign Language for learners who are deaf

6.Integrated Science

7.Pre-Technical and Pre-Career Education 8.Business Studies

9.Life Skills Education 10.Agriculture 11.Sports and Physical Education

12. Religious Education –learners choose among;

-Christian Religious Education

-Hindu Religious Education

-Islamic Religious Education

Optional subjects


-Computer Science

-Kenyan Sign Language

-Visual Arts

-Indigenous Languages

-Foreign Languages (French, Mandarin, Arabic, Germany) 

Senior School (15-17 Years)

Grade 10 , 11 and 12 subjects

1.Arts and Sports Science Pathway

2.The Social Sciences Pathway

3.The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Pathway 

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