Three Types Of Sex That You Don't Know.

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Thank you for clicking. In this article, I'm going to present something that will be beneficial to you. Because I'm going to explain to you why all women lie to men and how you can use this to your advantage. You are going to be her number one priority if you read the below list carefully.

The three types of sex listed below are common and "natural," and we may have had one or all of them at some point in our lives. These descriptors are not intended to be negative.

Sex Solace

Solace Sex is a sex that seeks reassurance. When having this type of sex, a person hopes to be assured by their partner that they are desirable and valuable.

Sex Locked Up

This type of sex is common among people who have never learned to trust another person enough to become emotionally close, or who are insecure in/about their relationship.

Sex Synchrony

This type of sex can happen when we are emotionally safe enough to express our needs, communicate openly, and be playful, curious, engaged, and relaxed.

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