Millionaire Swag: Ibrahim Mahama Shows Motorbike Skills.

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The old saying that all work and no play makes one dull apparently does not apply to only children but rather humanity in general. It is one thing relaxing and another thing having fun.

For the super rich in society, we often imagine them embarking on expensive trips, lodging in expensive hotels and traveling large with all the luxury money can afford. That is often the image created. Hardly do we picture them bring out the playful side in them since we assume they are too big for such things.

Well for millionaire Ibrahim Mahama, the opposite is the case. The mining and engineering mogul, does not spare the chance when it avails itself to have real fun like regular people do.

Not only does he spoil himself with the big toys money can afford, in terms of automobiles, he also makes time to really enjoy them. Indeed, he has been captured on tape several times doing what young and fun-loving people do with super cars, mostly screeching.

He has been captured with a motorbike displaying wonderful skills with it. Anyone who has read about his story would know that he is a real lover of motorbikes and he did prove it in the latest pictures. The setting seemed to be at his residence where he had some friends around. It was an impressive sight seeing him raise the back wheel of his motorbike especially with his age.

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