'This Is How A Celebrity Must Behave'; Efia Odo And Kwadwo Sheldon Set Example For All Celebrities


In this article, I would talk about the commendable attitude demonstrated by two of Ghana's most popular celebrities; namely Efia Odo and Kwadwo Sheldon.

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I believe most of us know Kwadwo Sheldon and Efia Odo. For the sake of those who may find it difficult recognizing the famous celebrities, the picture below might help jog your memory. Both of these celebrities are big time social media influencers with hundred thousands of followers on social media.

Basically, the paths of these celebrities had never crossed until quite recently, when the nation (Ghana) began to experience a downward spiral in its economy. This spiral in question consequently has given birth to the popular social media hashtag, "#FixTheCountry."

In light of this, Kwadwo Sheldon strongly believed that Ghana needs no fixing and hence, started his own movement called "#FixYourAttitude." His movement quickly spread like wild fire as a lot of people agreed with him. This group of people believe that citizens need to change their attitude if they want to see a better nation.

Efia Odo on the other hand is among the celebrities who agree that the nation needs fixing and strongly campaigns for it, trying very hard to hold politicians to accountable. The conflict between them started when Kwadwo Sheldon described Efia Odo as "NDC foot soldier" who was blindly propagating the "#FixTheCountry" propaganda.

Among a lot of things that happened, Sheldon posted a picture he took with the Minister of Information, Honourable Kwadwo Oppong Nkrumah on social media. Efia Odo on seeing this described Sheldon as a "Modern day slave", equalizing the tables.

In a rapid turn of evens, Ghanaians started hurling insults at Ghanaian ladies after it was announced that Chelsea's star player, Hudson Odoi would be visiting Ghana. They insulted innocent Ghanaian ladies that they would try to sleep with Hudson Odoi when he visits Ghana. Efia Odo was the central victim in this online chaos, which caused her to even deactivate her Twitter account in order to have some peace.

Kwadwo Sheldon on seeing what has happened defended, Efia Odo in every way he could, as a gentleman. He put aside their differences, proving that we are all humans before anything else. Efia Odo on seeing the honorable character demonstrated by Sheldon, sincerely apologized for calling sheldon a "Modern day slave."

Sheldon also did the second commendable thing; he accepted her apology also apologized for what he said to Efia Odo. The two celebrities now call themselves the best of friends even though they both have opposing views on national administration.


This is my own opinion is very thoughtful as the two celebrities named in this article have demonstrated a great sense of maturity. I believe we can all learn from them; that our differences does not make us enemies. We are humans first before political party supporters, team supporters or anything else. It is time all Ghanaians realized that we are one people and that our differences does not automatically make us enemies.

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