The Horrible Accident That Nearly Cost Petr Cech's Life


Petr Cech is famous for his goalkeeping skills and the mask that covers his head and face while he is on the pitch. Well, many do not know the history of Petr Cech's mask. Petr Cech got a horrible injury while playing for Chelsea. On that fateful day, Chelsea had travelled to play against Reading who had just been promoted to the Premier League. It was on October 14th, 2006.

Just before the match had gained momentum, Petr Cech collided with Steven Hunt which led to Cech sustaining a horrible injury on the head. He required emergency surgery to save his life. Jose Mourinho who was by then Chelsea's manager caused outrage by accusing the ambulance staff on duty of risking Cech's life by taking long to respond.

Steven Hunt was not booked nor charged for the incident after the match. It was seen as an accident. However, Chelsea fans were so mad at him. They wrote about him as if he had committed murder. Hunt was sorry for what happened on that day. He wrote Cech a letter afterwards wishing him a quick recovery. Petr Cech never held any grudge to the Reading man. In fact, each time their paths crossed they spoke well.

Chelsea who were England's football giants at that time won the match 1 - 0. Petr Cech went through surgery for a fractured skull that nearly cost his life. However, he recovered and continued playing. He played for Chelsea and later joined Arsenal in 2015 where he played for four years.

Numerous players, managers and pundits have described Petr Cech as one of the best goalkeepers of his days. Petr Cech is the only goalkeeper to have won the Premier League Golden Glove with two different clubs. He hold the record of most Premier League clean sheets, 202. He is also the goalkeeper with the most number of clean sheets in one season, 24 in the 2004/05 season.