How Kenyan Youth Acquired Ambulance That Drove Them Home While Drunk During Curfew Hours

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A group of young Kenyans angered Kenyans after a video surfaced of them allegedly drinking inside an ambulance on the night of Friday, April 17.

With the government having closed down entertainment places and banned gatherings ina a measure to enhance social distancing, the videos soon sparked uproar from Kenyans who questioned how the drunk Kenyans were able to access an ambulance to take them home.

The institution owning the ambulance indicated that the had launched investigations into the matter and found that indeed on the said night, an ambulance was allocated to unusual services to people who didn't need pre-hospital assistance.

Activist Boniface Mwangi on his twitter account noted that actually one of the youths was a boss at red cross which explains how the were able to get the ambulance.

"Yesterday a @KenyaRedCross ambulance driver and a paramedic were called by their boss past the curfew to go pick a patient. The patient was their bosses son and his drunk friends and the mission was to take them home. Here is a video shared by the kids. Over to you @MOH_Kenya."

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