Peter Kenneth Biography, Age, Education, Career, Marriage and More


Peter Kenneth is a Kenyan politician commonly known for his presidential run in 2013. He is widely known and admired by many Kenyans.


He was born on 27th November 1965 in Gatanga Constituency located in Murang’a County.


His family hails from Murang’a where he was born and he lost his mother on 18th July 2019. He was raised by a single mother called Rahab Wambui.


Peter began his education at Bahati Uhuru Primary School before joining Starehe Boys Centre in Nairobi for his secondary education. He later on went to study for a degree in law at the University of Nairobi and also got a Masters on the same. He then joined an executive program at the International Institute for Management Development in Switzerland where he completed his education.


Before joining politics, Kenneth worked for Nationwide Company as from 1985 and later moved to Presidential Finance Company a year later. He worked there for eleven years before he was elected chairman of the Kenya Football Federation in 2000.

In 2008, he worked for the Kenya Reinsurance Corporation and later on Africa reinsurance Corporation as part time. In 1998, he became the director of Industrial development bank. He also worked at Zen Insurance Company.

Political Career

He was first elected as the MP for Gatanga Constituency in 2002 which marked his start in political life. In November 2003, he became the assistant minister of finance. He held his parliamentary position until 2013 and Gatanga Constituency was voted the best managed Constituency and utilization of resources and funds.

In 2013, he made his attempt for presidency and was a member of the Kenya National Congress (KNC). He did not win but later became the assistant minister in the ministry of planning, national development and vision 2030. He joined a coalition to form the Eagle Coalition. He is viewed to be a potential candidate for presidency in the 2022 elections although it has not been confirmed.


He is married to Anne Kenneth and the two have two kids; Andrew and Andrea. Despite his busy political life, he has managed to be there for his family and is happily married. His family remains supportive of his career and appear at various events.