Davido:5 things you need to know about the Chioma Fiasco.


We live in a society where we all curiously watch the lives of celebrities like a action/thriller movie.I do it too. The internet has been abuzz with speculations about our golden couple Chioma Avril Rowland and David Adeleke popularly known as Davido.

It all started when Davido moved out of the house he was so excited to move into in the first place.The suspicious use of crutches and the very obvious injuries on his leg and it was stated that he got into an"accident". Here are some facts you should know before coming to conclusions.

1.Their wedding is still in the air and nobody has said anything about it.His song 1 milli really hit the spot with Chioma featuring in the video.Lets not forget that Chris Brown has already been pre-invited as part of davido's wedding entourage.It would be so embarrassing to tell him that the wedding has been called off.

2.Davido did weird things after his other baby mama gave birth to a baby for him,coming hit on the heels of the birth of his and chioma's baby.Everybody had their own opinion of the incident and neither Chioma nor Davido gave any official statement about it.He unfollowed everyone on Instagram and he didn't post anything after that.

3. Allegations of domestic abuse started to rise,ranging from the fact that Chioma was the one that actually broke davido's leg to the fact that Davido had been abusing Chioma physically and the birth of a son from another woman made Chioma angry and in the middle of their fight ,Davido hit Chioma. Crazy much? But hey it's about to get worse.

4.All social media handles of the couple became silent and with no clarification from the both of them,fans totally had a field day guessing and coming up with conspiracy theories. Finally someone broke the silence but it was not Chioma or Davido.It was Davido's sister in law who made a post saying Davido was still very much married a ND that the couple are perfectly happy and that bloggers should stop sowing seeds of discord.

5 At the end of it all, Davido came back online and ignored the elephant in the room but Chioma came out to debunk all the rumors saying she is not being abused by the musician and that anyone who is being abused to seek help. I totally agree with this one.

If anyone had asked for my real opinion,I would have told them that this whole situation is so suspicious. Why did they let the issue brew online until it reached a very bad state and why did Chioma take so long to explain things to her fans. It did gain them some popularity and it put them back in the eyes of the public.

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