Man Scammed By Fake Bank Representatives Who Promised To Flip His N100K to One Million Naira.


A young Nigerian man has been in agony after he was scammed of his money by fake bank representatives.

Supposedly, the fraudsters guaranteed to convert his money by a large profit, and that setup was sufficient to convince the victim to send one hundred thousand naira to the fraudsters.

After that transaction, he never heard from the fraudsters again so he agreed to visit the bank to ask questions. obviously, the young man was not having it funny.

On getting to the bank he narrated what occurred he stated, 

He got a call from an online scammer contending to be one of the access bank representatives he ask him to send 100k and within 2hour he will receive a million naira. After waiting for the alert the representative did not get back to him then he realized that he has been scammed and then rushed to access bank to ask for his 100k to get one million. The bank explains that they don't have any business with him because he is a first bank customer.

This man those not know that nothing comes for free in Nigeria. But be careful and resist being greedy

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