After all that happened in Abesim, you still had the courage to do this - Kwadwo Dickson Fires

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Despite all what is happening, it looks like some people are not deterred but rather decided to do abominable things. It was not long ago that a 28 year old man called Richard Gyamfi was arrested for murder in Sunyani Abesim. Ghanaians are still not getting over this issue but another similar incident was about to happen in Kumasi. A young boy was caught in Odeneho Kwadaso in Kumasi for attempting to steal a three year old child for rituals.

According to the news that was circulating on social media which was monitored by Angel News, this boy boy went to the area early in the morning and lured a little child of three years. After achieving what he wants, he decided to kidnap the child and escape. It took the intervention of the people around to get hold of him and gave him severe beatings. Some were using sticks while others were using blocks and blows at the same time.

In the course of the beatings, he was trying to prove innocence and pleaded for mercy. This young boy said he was not the one trying to steal the child for rituals but someone sent him to bring a child who is three years. Meaning there are some people behind all these ritual killings which are becoming rampant in our various societies in Ghana.

Kwadwo Disckson who was broadcasting the news upon hearing the brain behind the beatings of the boy became very angry. He was of the view that people don't learn because just recently someone has been arrested for commiting the same crime but this small boy got the nerves to steal a child for rituals. He went ahead and said the issue of Richard in Sunyani didn't scare him but tried to follow suit to commit such a heinous act. Definitely if he was able to succeed, the child would have been killed and used for whatever purpose. The issue of ritual killings are getting out of hands in the country and there has to be solution to that.

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