Meet Dennis Karuri, A Kenyan Man Who Applies Make-Up


Dennis Karuri is a talented make-up artist. When starting out in the Beauty and Fashion Industry, he lacked clients to apply make up on. He decided the best way to advertise his talent and skill is to apply it on himself. The talented man ever since has rose to fame because of his amazing skills. He started his own YouTube Channel to showcase and teach intrested participants. Recently, he ooened his own shop in Nairobi, CBD.

Dennis Karuri is a household name in Kenya. The man has excellent and quality products. He is also a good story teller. He has worked on various celebrities such as Jackie from Papa Shirandula, Ronoh and many others.

The Beauty and Fashion World is up for grabs for anyone. He demystified the clains that women are the only people who should learn on make-up. He helped break gender barriers. Thanks to him men can now be hired as beauticians all around the country.

Below are some of his amazing work. Do you find him talented? Comment down below.

Dennis Karuri [Image|Courtesy].

His work is unique, excellent and exceptional. Nice Work, Dennis Karuri.