A company in Ghana has taken a bold step to stop water pollution


In order to resolve the environmental issues posed in operation by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Ghana Nuts Company Limited at Techiman of the area Bono East took actions.

The EPA during a site inspection at the factory ordered the organization to take urgent measures to prevent its wastewater from polluting the Tano River which is the source of potable water for several residents in the Techiman municipality and its environs.

The corporation has since complied with the guidelines and plans to build a new facility to avoid pollution coming into the river. It has also acquired completely functional compressors to increase filtration in order to minimize demand for biological oxygen and chemical oxygen (COD).

In addition, the waste water was transferred into pipelines in order to detect leaks into the Tano River, and a laboratory was created for testing the waste water's contamination level. This laboratory included demarcated sampling points.

During a follow-up visit to the factory on this weekend, Mr. Kwadzo Obeng Aboagye, GNC General Manager, told the EPA officials the key purpose of the business was to offer young people jobs and not participate in any work that would benefit the people.

He said that the organization continues to strive to enhance its manufacturing chain to prevent environmental harm to its operations. The EPA Regional Director of Ashanti Mr. Samuel Oteng led the team to audit the site urged management to collaborate with EPA to safeguard the river's ecology and marine life. The EPA obtained samples of the river water for analysis.

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