Pray For The Purification Of Nairobi River Too, Winnie Odinga Tells Rachael Ruto

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Recently Rachael Ruto caused a debate after she said that she prayed for his home borehole water that has been dirty and needed treatment since 2003 and was purified. The water was not good for consumption and she decide to apply Elisha's miracle of using salt and speak to the water to be clean.

Raphael Ruto after the prayer the water was clean. People were shocked about that news and referred to her as a prophetess. Today Winnie Odinga has hilariously told Rachel to go and also pray for the Nairobi River To be clean.

"Yawa, afadhali aende Nairobi River acheze kama yeye (let her go to Nairobi Riv? er and do the same)," Winnie hilariously posted.

Many also reacted to the news as also Babu Owino embakasi Mp was also shocked and and here is what he said.

"Mama Rachel please pray for Ruto’s dark soul to be clean then will believe your miracles," he said. Read more.

Rachael just took salt and he prayed for the water to be clean and that is it.

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