I Will Change Ghana In 18 Months; It's Been 5 Years Already, Just Fix The Country-DKB Joins Campaign


We living in a country where campaign for next election began immediately elections results are announced. Opposition parties sat back waiting for the government to fail to give them chance to win the next election. While they are waiting for government to fail without any alternative solution to our problems they engaged in propaganda and lies to seek sympathy from the citizens.

If we don't move away from these attitudes I don't know when this nation will attempt to move forward and nobody is waiting for us.

The people of Ghana have subjected the government to it's Campaign promises. A quick reminder was:

1. Ban on all government officials from seeking medical care abroad

2. No borrowing

3. One million dollar to every constituency

4. One district one factory

5. One village one dam

6. Construction of 350 new secondary schools

7. Immediate cancellation of the IMF deal

8. Government will employ all trained nurses and teachers

9.Reduce fuel price drastically.

10.Will make the cedi the strongest currency in Africa

11. Increase producer price of cocoa each year

12.Will build airport in all the Regions

13. Low utility tariffs

15.Increase salary of teachers and all public workers.

These and many other promises were made. A huge number of Ghanaians have instigated the 'fix the country' campaign online. They are bemoaning the high cost of living in the country. Introduction of High taxes, the increment in fuel prices, intermittent power outage known as dumsor, water shortage transport fares increments and the soaring increase in prices of goods.

Ghanaians who are disturbed by the current happenings in the country are expressing their feelings not on the street but on social media platforms. Popular comedian DKB has joined the campaign by reminding the government's of it's promises.

He posted this on his Facebook page, indicating that the promises have not been fulfilled after 5 years.

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