What Alleged Mad Man Has Been Spotted Doing In The Middle Of Thika Superhighway Today

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Cases of accidents have been on the rise and just some few hours ago, 5 people have been reported dead with others nursing serious injuries after a head on collision along the Namanga-Kajiado Road.

In another separate incident today, a man has made Kenyans concerned after what he was reported doing in the middle of Thika Superhighway.

Sources familiar with the incident reports that a middle aged man has been spotted in the middle of Thika Superhighway walking.

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The source reports that he passed the man between Pangani and Muthaiga police station.

It is reported that the man appears mentally challenged with Kenyans now worried on the safety of the man.

Police at the Muthaiga police station where this man was last seen should get to the scene and save this man.

This comes at a time when the pedestrians accounts for the biggest percentage of accidents victims in all the accidents in the country. He should be helped before the worst happens to him.

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