Signs you have a weak pelvic floor

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Although many individuals overlook the consequences of a weak pelvic floor or dismiss it as a normal aspect of childbirth, pelvic floor health is something that everyone should be concerned about because it is important for every woman to have a healthy pelvic floor for a healthy urinary, intestinal, and sexual health.

The good news is that there are methods for strengthening and healing pelvic floor disorders that may arise following pregnancy and childbirth. However, it is important that you must be able to identify the symptoms of a weakened pelvic floor in other to help you manage it.

Here are signs of a weak pelvic floor

1 Leaking pee

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Leaking pee is one of the most common signs of a weak pelvic floor and the inability to control one's bladder is caused by a lack of pelvic support for the urethra. Some people believe that leaking pee after having children is normal and something you must accept. However, it is a symptom of a weakened pelvic floor that can be treated.

2 Vaginal dryness

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Vaginal dryness is typically a sign of a weak pelvic floor and dryness can be caused by weak pelvic floor muscles mixed with a hypoestrogenic condition or low estrogen levels.

3 Incontinence of the bowels

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You may develop fecal incontinence if the muscles in your pelvic floor become weak and this causes stool to escape the body unintentionally. Even though it's less common than urine incontinence, it's an embarrassing issue that many new parents face and you are more likely to experience it If you have a fourth-degree tear after childbirth.

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