Increase Your Chances of Winning By Placing On These 4 Matches Today

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Lahti vs Japs

The two clubs have only met once in the past and Lahti won, we expect that Lahti will win again because of home advantage.

Mexico W Vs Peru W

The team's first met on 26th June 2022 which is around two days ago and Mexico W trashed Peru W five goals to one. Today we predict that Mexico W will win the match because it is playing home.

Paraguay U20 W Vs Panama U20 W

For the last five matches against other clubs Paraguay U20 W has won three matches lost one and drawn one while for Panama U20 W has won two lost two and drawn one. The winnings of Paraguay U20 W exceeds that of Panama U20 W and this makes predict that Paraguay U20 W will win the match.

Portugal W Vs Australia W

The teams met twice in the year 2018 and they have never met again. In the two matches Portugal W won one of the match with two goals to none while in the other match they finished a 0-0 draw. We predict that Portugal W will win because it is playing home.

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