See What A 68 Years Old Man Posted On Social Media That Got People Showering Lots Of Insults On Him


See What A 68 Years Old Man Posted On Social Media That Got People Showering Lots Of Insults On Him.

Good day ladies and gentlemen, my article today is going to see into some confusing relationship. How some girls could make it to date a man of their father's age. This is the common issue to nowadays ladies.

Some girls are taking it too far by having affairs with elderly men. They've decided not to follow their mate anymore due to financial assistance. Most of their mates are still hustling in school and places of work in order to make it in life and these girls have no time for such.

Some parents suffer a lot before they can pay for their children tuition fee, some are traders or hawkers while some are civil servants. They went through hell before gathering the little money to cater for them. But these kids are ungrateful to effort of their parents.

These girls have decided to follow the wrong way, instead of facing their studies to pity their parents, they went start following rich men in other for them to have access to extra money. These men sexually abuse them, some of these ladies even later end up being used as rituals.

Few days ago, I was scrolling through social media when I came across a picture of a man with a small girl boasting she's the love of his life. I was amazed! How can this little girl be following this kind of man. This man can father this girl, instead of him to take her as his daughter and advice her on how to make a good life, he went on having sexual affairs with her.

People's Reactions towards this ungodly act is screenshot as follows;

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