Reactions as Miguna Reveals This Over DP Ruto's "Hustler Nation", "Bottom-Up Economy"


The controversial lawyer, Hon Miguna Miguna broke his silence and gave his opinion over the "Hustlers Nation movement" and "Bottom up Economy" which are being popularised by DP Ruto and his close allies. (Courtesy photo)

According to him, Hustler Nation and the bottom up economy are creative way of winning votes, especially in a neocolonial country like Kenya that it's Economy has been abused by those who are power for more than 50 years.(Courtesy photo)

He further revealed these DP Ruto's narratives are not based on ideologies but pure Politics. He then said, Kenya needs narratives which are based on ideologies for it to grow economically.

It's remembered that DP Ruto has been meeting various types of leaders just to formulate on bottom-up economy. In many occasions, DP Ruto said that this model of economy will save this country from poverty.

Miguna's tweet attracted several comments from kenyans, Majority of them agreed with him that most of narratives that we have in Kenya are based on pure Politics and devoid of ideologies. These are some their reactions:Kindly enjoy reading, comment and don't forget to share widely