Pastor Mukhuba is in a serious trouble see what's happened


Pastor mukhuba arrested by police after a police find more than 100 people in her church, police was attacking people with rub bullet and There is lot of people who got injured, Pastor mukhuba were upset , according to her the police does not know their job because they leave a criminals and they attacking poor people inside of the church with weapons.

Truly speaking they were supposed to arrest the leader of the church without causing any scene, pastor mkhuba were praying at church saying"god should kill their families and have no massy on them," because what they were doing was wrong,they were underestimating the church.

The only thing that Pastor mukhuba made it that every church allowed fro 100 people because of corona virus,they know that lot of people they will affect each other but it seems like pastor mkhuba believe that power of God is greater than corona virus and she does not worried about it.

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