ECG begins mass disconnection to retrieve debts


Beginning Monday 12 April 2021 ECG will initiate their mass disconnection exercise to retrieve dept owed by many customers across the nation.

In an earlier statement, the public company came out to announce a house-to-house and office2office visitation nationwide to retrieve dept and consumers who owe the will be required to pay immediately or they will be disconnected.

“The Electricity Company of Ghana Limited wishes to inform its cherished customers and the general public that it will be resuming its normal Revenue Mobilization exercise effective 12 April, 2021,“ the statement said.

For security measures, it has been stated that ECG officials will be wearing their ID cards as a form of verification to customers to avoid fraud or welcoming imposters instead.

The managing director of ECG has suggested an increase in tariff to support companies activities.

He further explained that the company needs more funds to function properly and effectively.

Asaf now the proposal is awaiting approval from the public utilities and regulatory commission. He added that in terms of distribution support is needed because of upgrades needed for system sustainability in order to fix broken parts.

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