Do You Know That Adam, The First Human To Be Created By God Was Dark Skin ?

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Most of us thought that the Jesus Christ we use to see in Christian movies was the real reflection of Jesus Christ. We use to think the person who acted as Jesus Christ in the movie was the true representation of the real Jesus Christ. Many people believe the pictures we see today of Jesus Christ are exactly how Jesus Christ looked like.

Similarly, we also think because the White-man is regarded by most people as being superior to other ethnic groups in terms of skin color and other things, Adam the first man that was created by God was a White-man. But Adam the first man that was created by God was a black man or a dark skin man. The word Adam according to history and research by scholars means dark skin. The name given to Adam by God was based on his description, a description of how he looked.

It’s amazing how God’s creations work in perfect harmony with everything.It's therefore not surprising that all other colors come from black. It has been proven by experiments that when you put all the available colors in the world together and mix them, what you get in the end is the black color. God never went back to create any other human being after creating Adam, even the woman was made out of the man. So all other human being black, white or whatever color originates from the one-man God created, Adam

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