Opinion: Why Mudavadi "Will" be Uhuru's Choice of the President

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Uhuru might support Mudavadi's candidature mainly because the duo once shared a common political ground.

Secondly, he rarely criticized the "misdoings" of Uhuru's government, an indication that he will carry Uhuru's projects to completion if elected as the fifth President of the Republic of Kenya. Many Presidents preferred successors who could facilitate the continuation of their projects on top of promoting their interest.

The two became friends during Kibaki's tenure. The duo served as deputies to the then Prime Minister Right Hon Raila Odinga. Since then, Kenyatta developed a tender spot for Musalia.

The current President of Kenya planned to join forces with his former colleague Deputy Prime Minister H.E Musalia Mudavadi back then in 2013 during the start of his presidential journey.

Mudavadi was Uhuru's choice of Kibaki's successor. The son of Kenya's founding father was to act as his running mate.

His proposals were met by resistance from the indigenes of his political back yard. He dropped his scheme only to adapt a common political ground with Dr. William Ruto, his then colleague "fugitive" at the ICC.

He pushed for the award of a powerful government position to Musalia Mudavadi. It's claimed that he saw a great future in Mudavadi at the face of the soaring ICC prosecution.

Many Kenyans, political analysts, politicians and bloggers forgot that the handshake partnership was only meant to foster peace at the face of a soaring political unrest. Uhuru's support for his former presidential rival was never guaranteed.

Moreover, the duo hold divergent political ideologies.

It's worthy of note that the Hustler's team professed a presidential competition in which the opposition chief was the "System" and Uhuru's choice of candidate.

Secondly the opposition chief has been meeting with top Kenyan billionaires rumored to be members of the shadowy Deep State.

However, it was disclosed that the Commander in Chief was secretly pushing for the endorsement of Musalia as his choice of successor.

Delegates from Uhuru's inner political circle have been secretly holding crisis meetings purportedly aiming at determining the strength and eligibility of Musalia to lead this Nation.

With the current political wave across the country, Uhuru might denounce his support for the Opposition Chief and in turn push for Musalia's victory.

If this happens, it will be an inevitable betrayal for the Opposition Chief and the Deputy President who might join forces to defeat Uhuru's candidate.

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