Armed Police men stop demonstrators at Independence square

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The "fix the country demonstration", which was planned to take place on the 9th of march 2021, were stormed by a group of armed police officers, who have been instructed to stop the demonstration at the Independence square.

The armed police men could be seen with water canons at site of the demonstration. Critics from media platforms address the action of the police to be backward and inappropriate.

Ernesto Yeboah the leader and founder of the economic fighters league said on social media ""We are coming with placard and they are coming with hot water canons". He argued that the action the policemen took to was backward and that the police are not being for the people.

The police over the week secured an ex-party injunction, preventing the organizers from holding the protest.

The police argued that the restrictions on mass gathering due to the outbreak of COVID 19 were still in force.

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