A Smile Ruined Kambua's Teenage Life


The known gospel artist Kambua recently opened up during an interview at Citam church online sharing her worst fear and insecurity she had to deal with throughout her teenage life. Kambua narrated how her smile landed her in trouble back in primary school after a fellow pupil questioned why her gum was always out whenever she smiled. As a young girl, Kambua started having problems with her gum to a point of seeing it as an abnormality. She explained how throughout highschool she became cautious of her smile and could only smile enough ensuring her gum doesn't show.

‘When WE were in primary school we were playing and laughing when this girl asked me how comes every time I laugh my gum has to show.

After that I became very cautious.

All through High school and probably after that every time I took photos I just made sure I smiled enough for the camera but not enough to show my gum.

I started viewing it (gum) as an abnormality because other peoples gums never showed when they laugh or smile.’ Kambua Said.

The incident may be a normal children thing but the impact it had on Kambua is long lasting. The kind of person she is today and even the smile she currently gives its all thanks to that girl back in primary school.


Now that school are closed and our teenagers are home,take care what you say to them. Words are powerful and sometimes they leave a big negative impact. To those who have insecurities,learn from Kambua. Everybody has some imperfections so learn to deal with yours.

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