Cristiano Ronaldo Is The Most Humble And Kind Football Player In The World


Cristiano Ronaldo one of his kind as he always cares about others. Football is not about scoring goals and winning. There are more things than these. The Portuguese talisman has won many hearts of the football fans using his kidness and helping others.

During their Euro 2020 knock out match against Belgium, Kevin De Bruyne got injured and he was the first one to help him back to his feet and consoled him. He even helped him on his way out of the field. Cristiano has been having the urge of heping that is kindness itself.

His name hit the headlines after the match as Portugal went down one nil in the hands of The Red Devils of Belgium thus grabbing a spot to the Euro 2020 quarter-finals. Ronaldo rushed to help Kevin De Brune and put his arm around hi m in a consoling manner.

De Bruyne is not the first player Cristiano Ronaldo helped. Here are the others:

Edinson Cavani 2018 World Cup.

Portugal lost the match to Uruguay thus failed to qualify to the last eight but Ronaldo helped Cavani back to his feet after he appeared to be injured. The Manchester United striker had scored twice against Portugal before picking up an injury.

Mohamed salah

The infamous tackle from Sergio Ramos sent the Egyptian forward out of the pitch barely 28 minutes of play in the 2018 Champions League finals when Liverpool faced Real Madrid. The Mserseyside team lost the match.

I there any other footballer more kind than Ronaldo?


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