EXPOSED: You Must Check this Before You Buy Anything At Shoprite Because You Will Pay More- Opinion

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The existence of black people is inextricably linked to cheap prices and sales. As soon as they learn that there is a sale going on at the store, they immediately rush in to make a purchase without even bothering to compare the item's regular price to its discounted price before making their decision. This is typically the case because, as black people, we have been led to assume that the word "sale" indicates that prices are significantly reduced in comparison to the initial or standard price. 


They are taking advantage of us now that the owners of the show have realized that once we see the word "sale," we immediately buy without verifying the prices first. A video was leaked not too long ago that showed one of the most reliable stores in Mzanzi writing a fake price tag and then placing an authentic one next to a sale poster. The store was exposed for doing this. They are aware that if we compare their phony usual price to the new one, we will end up purchasing their product. This is the practice that many stores follow when they announce that they are having a sale. They begin by raising prices, and only after that do they put the regular one on sale. 

The newly implemented pricing structure at Shoprite, which requires customers to pay more than the original price, has been brought to light. There is a card that can be purchased at Shoprite known as the Extra Savings Card. When they originally started selling those cards, you could get a discount on a variety of different items if you used them. However, they have evolved since then. They are not going to reduce the prices; rather, they are going to increase them. For instance, you will pay R10 for one loaf of bread, but the sale poster will say "buy two for R25." This indicates that if you use the extra saving card, you will pay an additional R5, but if you do not have the card, you will pay R20 for two loaves of bread. If you do not have the card, you will pay R20 for two. This was discovered on the price tag of butter, which claimed "take two for R50 if you have an extra saving card" despite the fact that the butter cost R21. Because of this, you will be required to make an additional payment of Rs 8 because you are using that extra savings card. Watch what happens in the following video: 

The fact that so many people are now aware of this and can recognize it when it happens means that they are less likely to let themselves be robbed. After this was shared on social media, many individuals claimed that they had previously been aware of this issue and pledged that they would never again purchase or make use of the extra savings card. The vast majority of viewers had their perceptions changed as a result of this video, even though there are some people who continue to deny the obvious. Look at the comments made here. 



This is a daylight robbery, and Shoprite has to be held accountable for their actions because they are robbing people because they are doing it. In particular, they don't read, and when they see a sticker that says "buy two for R50," they immediately make a purchase. This is completely unacceptable and needs to come to an end.

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