Sika No Ahye: Ghanaians Reacts To Brazil vrs. Argentina Match False Prophecy By Popular Gh. Prophet


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The much anticipated game in the Copa America was played in the early hours of today between Argentina (last won it 1993) and Brazil (last won it in 2019).

Before the game, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, a popular Ghanaian prophet revealed that the game would go in favour of Brazil. He said the revelations was given to him by the spirit of the Lord. This however did not happen as Angel Di Maria's lone goal in the 22nd minute of the game earned the Albiceleste it's 15th Copa America trophy.

Use the link below to watch the video of the prophet prophesying about the game:

Link Credit: Airnews TV on YouTube

The prophecy of the Founder and Overseer of Glorious Wave Chapel International which did not happen as expected and thus attracted the attention of social media users (Facebook). Many Facebook users have reacted to the prophecy. Many think that the Man of God should not venture into activities such as prophesying about football matches. Meanwhile there are others who believe that Prophet Badu Kobi just made a prediction and not necessarily a prophecy.

Below are some of the reactions:

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