The Way Forward to the Rising rate of Insecurity in our Society


In recent years, the cases of Kidnapping, , terrorism, herdsmen killing and banditry had assumed an alarming proportion. This problem is causing panic in our society, and daily reports of these insecurity challenges cover the air waves. Lives have been lost. The people that engage in this dastardly acts were not born to be like that, but the state of our nation, struggle for justice, peer pressure, and family background are among the factors that push them into such evil. Let's take a look at how these factors contribute to the incidence of insecurity in our society.


Like other social problems, unemployment can make a person desperate to make ends meet. Since the government has not provided enough job opportunities for our teeming youths, the desperate ones take to vices, including kidnapping as a means to make ends meet.

Secondly, family background can contribute to the trend. Most youths grow up in homes where there are no family values and respect for human life and dignity. Some are oppressed and maltreated. Eventually they grow up, having the notion that world consists of only mean people, and the only way they can get back at these mean men is to kidnap them or infringe some kind of payback to them or their relatives.

Thirdly, peer pressure can lead youths into kidnapping. A group of evil-minded friends, or cultists, who engage in Banditry and kidnapping, lure members of such group, to join them in their evil acts with a promise of financial gratification.

Lastly, Kidnapping and other rising insecurity challenge can result from conflict over property, and struggle for justice. For instance, the militants of the Nigeria Delta region of Nigeria engage in these evil acts in order to press home their demand for justice and equity. They justify their actions on the grounds of being marginalized by successive administration's despite the degredation of their environment due to oil exploration. It is no doubt that the increase in criminality and insecurity in th country has really cripled our economy, you might be asking how? I believe you will agree with me that no investor will want to put his/her money in a place where insecurity seems to be the order of the day, this in turn has lead to a high degree of unemployment in the present Nigeria Society.


Taking Kidnapping as a case study, According to the Free Dictionary, Kidnapping is the crime of unlawfully seizing and carrying away a person by force or fraud, or seizing and detaining a person against his or her will. Also according to the US government, Kidnapping is a terrifying experience but you possess more personal resources that you may be aware of. Rememeber, you are only of value to your kidnappers alive and they want to keep you that way. So here are some tips:

1) Follow your captors instructions.

2) Your best defense is passive cooperations - being able to behave rationally increases your chances of survival.

3) Try to establish some kind of rapport - family is a universal subject, avoid political dialogues.

4) Maintain your diginity and self respect at all times.

5) Maintain your physical an mental health. It is critical to exercise body and mind. Eat food provided without compliant. Keep your strength.


As a way to remedy the situation, government should provide employment for the youths and encourage others to be self employed. As the saying goes, "an idle mind is the devil's workshop." If the youths are engaged they will not have time for evil thoughts and nefarious activities. It is also suggested that the government pay more attention to the agitation of all groups in the country ranging from IPOB agitators, to the Niger agitators also to the groups in the North and West. Also, parents should show their children love and affection, so that when they grow up, they will love and respect the rights and security of others. This will help reduce the incidents of Kidnapping and other social vices, and people will learn to resolve issues amicably


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