8 Chicken Diseases, Symptoms And Treatment


According to La Chick magazine, there are different causes of disease in chicken. It can be viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal. Here are some of them:

1. Fowl Pox

Chicken develop white spots on skin, sores on combs, white ulcers in mouth and stop laying.

Avoid dump environment and feed soft food. Birds should be vaccinated.

2. Fowl Cholera

Birds will develop greenish or yellowish diarrhoea, struggling to breathe.

It is spread by wild animals and birds.

3. Infectious Bronchitis

Chicken will sneeze, snore and cough. It also begin to secret discharge from the nose.

Keep birds in warm and dry house.

4. Infectious Coryza

Heads become swollen. Their eyes become swollen and combs will swell. Discharge will begin to flow from their eyes and noses. Birds will stop laying and have moisture under the wings.

5. Marek's Disease

Tumors grow inside and outside the chick. Iris will turn gray and they will no longer respond to light and become paralyzed.

There is vaccines that is given to day-old chicken.

6. Newcastle Disease

It affects respiratory systems thus birds have breathing problems, discharge from the nose, eyes become murky, and laying stop. Legs and wings become paralyzed as well as neck become twisted.

Vaccinate the chicks and affect birds should be destroyed and burned.

7. Avian Influenza

Birds will quite laying eggs and develop diarrhoea. Dark red spots on legs and combs, chicken face will swell.

8. Coccidiosis

It includes weight loss, lameness, ruffled feathers, depression, huddling, unwillingness to eat and watery or bloody diarrhoea.

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