12 Bodies Arrive JKIA From Saudi Arabia. Who Could Have Murdered Innocent Girls.


In search of an improved life, they leave Kenya for Gulf countries in the hope of a healthy and safe return.

But the search for a happy life is tragic day by day for many Kenyan girls.

A lot of violence, torture, sexual harassment and murder have taken place there.

Vugutsa mother cries.

In mysterious circumstances, Slaida Vugutsa Talia is the last Kenyan to die in Saudi Arabia. And even after death, her mystery and misery follow her.

An eager cry of a mom, a desperate mother who lost her daughter who went to seek a happy life that would end in her family's tears, which left the family in anguish.

The body of her daughter, Slaida Vugutsa, was received at the international airport of Jomo Kenyatta in Lumakanda, Lugari County.

Saida was abused by her employer. But the mother didn't know, he killed her. He buried her until the mother got to know it.

On 25 March, the Foreign Ministry of Kenya told the family that a statement from the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia addressed a call to police at 4 p.m. on Thursday, 29 January 2021 concerning the presence of a desert corpse in the north of Mushrifa.

Slaida's sister called her to inform her about the violent fighting against her employer's attempted rape and an escape to Saudi Arabia's police station two weeks later.

It is unknown when she was assassinated exactly. In January, her body was buried in a shallow grave.

Today, in a developing story, 12 bodies have been received at JKIA from Saudi Arabia. The corpses are said to be of the girls who went there to look for a job. Sadly, families are losing their loved ones in unclear circumstances.

Newsmakers are at JKIA trying to establish what the cause of their deaths could be, but the truth is not far from what many predict. May the Lord let their souls rest in eternal peace as the cries of the bereaved families haunt them.

Follow us for an update on the findings of the cause of their death. Leave a comment and share it to inform your loved ones.

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