Practical ways to rebuild your relationship


Love works

Love they say is defined as when you take away the passion and romance from a relationship and you still care for your partner. Love will grow if it is in a two way direction. Love can not be one sided and still survive the test of time. The one with love to share will eventually give up and the relationship will come down crushing with a mighty sum. Here are the practicalities of building a relationship:

1. Do not ignore the God factor. - Every relationship destined for marriage has to hold on to the God factor. When relationships are built Him, he guides the relationship

2. Focus your energy on improving the Compatibility of the relationship. - relationships work when compatibility bears fruit. Learn to understand each other. Develop body language communication that only yourself and partner can understand

3.Do not confuse love with sex. - sex is not a test meter to prove One's love. The only place for sexual satisfaction is in marriage. Do not confuse or inter change them.

4. Learn to communicate. - communication they say is the life of every relationship. In a relationship, feel at ease to share with your partner, and what ever you are doing through. Share your fears also.

5. Self examination and evaluation - as an individual learn to examine and evaluate your self on a regular bases. This helps you become a better person for your self and partner

6. Avoid selfishness - always try no matter how difficult it is to always put your partner first. When you do this every individual learns to value the other thereby help to gain confidence on the level of the partners.

10. Do not be afraid to quit. An important thing we are falling to do to quit. Do not hesitate to quit the relationship if the journey is leading you to no where.