It's Not All About The Money, It's About The Security


Women love security. They want to be around someone who they feel comfortable with. Someone who can be there when they need him. Someone who can offer a hand when they urgently need it. Create time for her. Give her your attention, but don't avail yourself too much.

Women love to be treated right. Give her random surprises and gifts. Get her chocolates, a wrist watch and once in a while, get her those shoes you heard a talking about. Show her she is a treasure to you. Make her feel someone cares.

Take her out when you have time. Ensure you look smart and smell nice. Whisper sweet words to her ears, they love the feeling. Tell her you will never trade anything for her. Each time you see her, act like you seeing her for the first time. Remind her each day that she is beautiful. Make her feel a little shy.

Sometimes, invite her to your place. Prepare something you know she likes, do it perfectly. Be a man who says sorry. Avoid unnecessary arguments. Be a man who apologiezes for his wrong doings. Do not explode to your woman. You are her security, not the bomb. Be the security she needs, not the bomb she is afraid of.


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