Uncle Waffles Trends Again After Doing This.

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The young female DJ knows as Uncle waffles trends again this week after a picture of her new tattoo by a celebrity tattoo artist called sihle made the rounds on Twitter. The tattoo reads "Deo Dolente"

Uncle waffles is no stranger to the social media gossip and trends, most recently she trended for confusing people as to whether she is female or transgender.

The tattoo received alot of mixed emotions and reactions from fans. Some were disappointed, some didn't understand why she did it and some thought that it was a terrible idea and a few think that it's beautiful. The language in which the tattoo is written with is still unknown. Here are some top tweets form Twitter.

@ChrisExcell posted :

"That Uncle waffles tattoo ngathi it’s typed from Microsoft Word

With Algerian font in bold with size 72"

@Zickie_S asked

"What does it even mean? "

@underscore added

"Uncle Waffles played herself with that tatoo!"

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