After Media House Accused Minister Of Communication Of Having Ties With Bolo Haram, See His Response


Today we woke up to a shocking news published by @NewswireNGR on twitter, Accusing the minister of communication, Dr Isa Ali Pantami of being on the US watchlist of terror for alleged ties with bokoharam.

This news came as a shock to nigerians as many did not know if to believe the news or shun it as fake. The news immediately went viral and it finally caught up to the ears of the Respected minister. The news page later released a retraction absolving the minister of all false allegations.

However, the minister has refused to accept a mere retraction as an apology for this huge defamation of character, he has promised to sue them to court without fail. See screenshot of his full statement on twitter:

The minister has always been known to be an open critic of the notorious Boko haram group, he has various lectures openly showing the wrongs of the terror group. For a media house to accuse the honourable minister of such crimes is most certainly absurd and must not be overlooked.

His action of suing this media house will help In Curbing fake news perpetrators which have been ravaging the country.