Do not pray together with the opposite sex behind closed doors – Bishop Charles Agyinasare

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Bishop Charles Agyinasare, chancellor of Perez University College, reinstated his earlier stance that sex is for married couples only. However, the renowned preacher understands that there are many ways that young men and women dating might be inclined to partake in the act, and one of them is to hold a prayer session in a room together without the participation of any other male.

He urged them to avoid wasting time together praying, showing his congregants how to avoid this temptation.

"Don't waste time praying behind closed doors together with the same sex while dating. "Avoid temptation as much as possible".

Who is Bishop Charles Agyinasare ?

On March 22, 1962, Bishop Charles Agyinasare was born in Achiase in the Eastern Region of Ghana to Charles Yewuraekow Agyin Asare. In the Greater Accra Area, he later moved to Accra to attend school. He is a former pupil of Weija Barracks Main, Nsawam St. Martins, and the Armed Forces Experimental Academy. "He was a "women-chasing college freak" there, who got caught up in what he calls "evil, revelry, alcoholism and drug use" and "a life of smoking, truancy, chasing ladies, consuming illegal drugs, night clubbing, and stints with separate mystic connections.

Enoch Agbodzo ordained Agyinasare as a missionary in 1984. In 1986, under the leadership of Benson Idahosa in Benin City, Nigeria, he travelled to Nigeria to study cruise preparation. He is currently (2015) senior pastor of the Perez Dome, considered the largest auditorium in Ghana, which has a 14,000-seater auditorium. The place of worship was identified as 'one of the Seven Wonders of Ghana' by the President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, during a visit.

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