Thembi Revealed Dh0cking Reasons Why It's Important To Pay Damages Of A Child In #Dlozlami

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Thembi Revealed Shocking Reasons Why It's Important To Pay Damages For Your Child

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There are other people who does not understand culture. Ancestors would rather punish you first for things you didn't do or know about because of generational beef rather than helping you solve the matter.

Nomvula has been sick for over 5 years without a diagnoses. She has a muthi running in her body because her father did not pay damage. Ingredients she eat at dangerous to her body. She was supposed to eat it because she does not have a calling. Her calling cannot be diagnosed because of the muthi they gave her. They lied to her saying that sje has a spiritual calling without knowing that what she eats it's dangerous. The ingredients they combined ate very dangerous. 

They lied to her saying that her grandmother from her father's side are sleeping in a mud and she has to go and wash her. The lady is not sick, she is sick because her grandmother from her mother's side because she was taken away without paying damage. There is no paternal grandparents crying. From her father side, they have undermined her while she was alive. They was no other way she can undermined her again because ancestors also communicate even in spirit. Truth be told we dont just adopt our fathers surnames if they did not pay the damages period.!!!!..the underground forces from our mothers side don't compromise.

Nomvulas grand mother was a Christian who goes to church. Nomvula does nit have a calling, this are the things she's giving to her to open a light to her. Her clothes should not be wear now because there are evil spirits that they put in her blood which need to come out first. 

She has align with her grandmother communicating with her. Stop being forward, wait for idlozi to lead and guide you!A lot of people need to hear these words.

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