Revealed: Musa Mseleku Is Cheating On His 4 Wives

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Musa Mseleku is a well-known polygamist in South Africa. He got well-known after hosting a reality show with his family. He is a successful businessman with four wives. They're all from the KwaZulu-Natal province, and their businesses are there as well.

He hinted during season 4 of the reality show that he would like to take another wife since he wants more children. That didn't appear to sit well with any of the women. They did not want their spouse to marry another woman, but they showed no symptoms of breaking up with him.

Today, on the fifth season, the nation was surprised to hear about Mseleku's set up. As he was talking to his first wife about the timetables, and how he should see other wives. He also mentioned that he has four wives, and girlfriends. How does he manage four wives and girlfriends too? He seems to be doing so well with his wives though.

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