CONGRATULATIONS to DJ Zinhle with her new empire

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19 December 2022

By Sphe J Hadebe

The sky is only the limit for DJ Zinhle and she has proven that she really means business.

She is young, beautiful and successful. She is not just a DJ, like she is not relying on her music only to make means. DJ Zinhle is a real businesswoman and she is set to continue thrive. One thing for sure about her, she is very serious about building her her net-worth and her empire. As part of building her empire, she announced that she will be expanding her Hair Majesty brand by opening it's very first flagship store.

Hair Majesty by DJ Zinhle is a quality hair range which offers various hair pieces. All the hair that she wears is actually from her very own collection as she always look this gorgeous. Even her company motto does explain it all as it says #WearTheCrownYouDeserve and so she does it so effortlessly.

When Zinhle said she will be working harder than she has ever had in the past, she was not playing, she was very serious and now it is proven. In the comments section,a fan asked her to open a store for Hair Majesty and Zinhle revealed that there is one on the works already.


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