A Sheep To Face 3 Year Jail Sentence After Court finds It Guilty Of Murder, South Sudan

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As a human being we surely live in eventful times.The moments of unusual circumstances and dramas.How am gonna put this as whether dram or horror I don't know.

It comes with shocking news as an unexpected act has occured.In a certain village in South Sudan a crime has been committed by a ram.In a bizarre incident the police claims the owner of the ram is innocent and the animal is guilty.How is that possible?I think I need to pursue law.

According to Citizen TV Kenya,Sheep is jailed For 3 Years For Killing 45-Year Old Woman In South Sudan.

The decision comes after the local reports the ram committed the crime by hitting the old woman in her ribs.It was unfortunate as she succumbed immediately.

Major Chief Elijar Mabor says the owner owner of the ram is innocent and charges will be pressed against the animal because it's responsible for the act.

Major Chief Elijar Mabor further added that the sheep owner should pay five cows to the bereaved family.Do you think that was right judgement?

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